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Not your average real estate agency

The new generation of property experts.

People refer family and friends to Christine. They say “Let me call my agent Christine Ewin”.

They would introduce Christine as “This is My Agent Christine Ewin”

The business name stuck. The symbolism was poetic.

Authentic and down to earth. Wanting to build a brand that she would be proud of. A business born from warmth and compassion combined with straight shooter honesty.

The ideal blend of soft yet tough. 

Chris has no cloak and dagger, her transparency is compelling and she has a strong track record, this agency had to be an extension of who she is. Owners and lessors at no stage should feel
the hard sell or slickness well known in the industry.

It should be like having a chat with a friend that you can be open and honest with. Advice can be over a cuppa or a wine, end with a hug and you should feel heard. That you have someone that is your ally, that you know is in your corner and to help you through the

When opening My agent, Chris needed to duplicate what she knew was the foundation of success.

She attracted well respected employees that have the same unwavering sense of right and wrong.

This handpicked team created the change of branding.

After 3 years, Christine wanted her name off the front door and to celebrate the girls that created a strong, successful group of women

The business name became “My Agent Team”

Reputation is everything and Chris has sought to build a brand that is recognised for its purity in character. No over inflated self-serving marketing. Instead clever advertising targeted to the right buyers or tenants for the property.

No overpricing the home to win your business and then start pushing the owner to drop their price. Instead solid advice based on market conditions and being able to look at comparisons together.

No breaching privacy. Disclosure is the key.

Transparency is the future. Honesty being the new black.






Our Mission

To create an innovative and professional Agency recognized for its transparency and authentic team of experts.

To be an enviable employer, offering flexible arrangements for skilled staff that are driven, committed and goal orientated.

To develop an environment that promotes forward thinking, personal ownership with ongoing reward.

To give back to our community with compassion and support for local charities.

To be sustainable and reduce our impact on the planet as often as we can.

To inspire our people to search, discover, innovate and dream.

A Team that can help you

Christine Ewin – Managing Director

Real estate chose me.

I had never owned a home, attended an open house or knew what the market was doing. I was thrown into sales when I said “yes” to a job offer in 2001 and hoped I would like it.

In my first year I won International Best New Talent for the LJ Hooker franchise and a trip to San Francisco to attend training on a global level.

I was considered a unicorn by my peers, they said I had an X factor that no one could duplicate. A change of franchise and business strategy and next I am a key note speaker at an Australian real estate conference for a franchise that I had been crowned their number 1 sales person. They wanted to understand how I became so successful. It’s a bit embarrassing to think I had no formula but that I am a hugger, I like humans and I love being part of solving people’s real estate issues.

Clients like me; because I am me. Sometimes too honest. Sometimes a little too cheeky. But I am always authentic, ethical and have built my personal brand by not being guarded or having an over inflated sense of who I am.

“My Agent” was born from an overwhelming desire to build a business, working with like minded people. A team that are compassionate, honest and real.

No room for show ponies or commission hounds willing to trade their truth for dollars.

The company has to reflect my values, my ethics and be an extension of who I am.

Make My Agent your agent.

Megan Goucher – Licensed Real Estate Agent

Megan Goucher had the X factor that is difficult to find in real estate agents. She is tenacious, fearless and driven with a warm, ethical disposition.

That combination was always going to create trust.

You want an agent that is incredibly organised with great time management and an eye for detail to ensure the boxes are ticked for your marketing and invested in the process.

But there needs to be a magnetic personality, someone that immediately captures an audience that can work an open house or an auction crowd with warmth and optimism.

I loved that about Megan.

She is thoughtful, with rock solid values and a people pleaser.
She never wants to disappoint clients, always reliable and accessible.

These are the traits that you look for and seldom find in one package. Her swift success, repeat business and referral base was instant. She is now one of the most highly regarded agents in the area by her clients and peers.

Malua Bay is her home town and she became the market leader in the suburb within 12 months. Selling in excess of $30 million dollars worth of real estate from a standing start she is quite the unicorn.

As a trusted senior agent for My Agent Team,
As the team grows I am blessed to provide others with opportunity to learn from her. Her transparency, generosity and grounded nature will provide her with a long career in real estate. And I hope it will always under our umbrella.

Kate Quinlivan – Licensed Real Estate Agent

Kate is someone that has total dedication to her clients and has built a highly successful career over the last 15 years.

A wealth of local knowledge, huge industry experience and recognised as a top performer on the South Coast.

Building and maintaining meaningful relationships within the community has been a feature of Kate’s professional growth and a key factor in her ongoing success as a real estate agent.

Efficient, organised and laser-focused to achieve exceptional results, Kate’s passion for matching the right buyer with the perfect home sets her apart from other real estate agents.

Her personalised service, punctual feedback and immediately
welcoming personality has clients entrust her with their biggest assets time and time again.

An uncompromising work ethic has seen Kate evolve into a nationally recognised licensed estate agent.

A Certificate IV in property and an auctioneer’s license making her one of the most versatile and qualified agents in the region.

Kates streamlined and energetic approach to representing her clients leaves a lifelong impression.

From the very first meeting through to settlement, Kate makes her clients feel comfortable and confident that they are in the best hands possible.

We are so blessed to have her as part of our team.

Anna McInerney – Licensed Real Estate Agent

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna a few years ago and was immediately drawn to her energy.

Anna is outgoing, energetic, and has a natural curiosity about people and their story.

This makes her the perfect addition to the My Agent Team.

Anna was formerly the Executive Producer of Major Events for the City of Sydney council and was responsible for all aspects of the event planning and delivery of the Sydney New Years’ Eve event, Sydney Lunar Festival and concerts throughout Sydney.

Anna was also responsible for leading the planning and delivery of Vivid Sydney and Sydney Mardi Gras.

We can’t wait to see how she will contribute to the My Agent Teams community functions.

Anna has lived and worked in London and New York in digital media for corporate brands and clients.

Anna is a keen surfer who is following her dreams of a sea change to the south coast and to work in real estate.

Anna bought her first property when she was 21 and has been buying and selling property ever since.

She understands the property sales and buying process, the critical importance of trust, strong ethics, clear and timely communication, and she strives to deliver excellence in all her client relationships.

Peggy McAlister – Licensed Real Estate Agent

Peggy McAlister burst on to the real estate scene in 2008 and quickly become recognised as a top performer locally and nationally.

Her success was born from an unwavering desire to achieve the best results for her clients and a focused work ethic.
Peggy has a magnetism. A confidence in her ability that creates instant trust.
Combine her tenacity with a competent eye for detail, her marketing standards, systems and procedures are hard to replicate.

During an illustrious career of winning multiple awards, being recognised in the top 1.5% of Australian agents; the desire to be part of something bigger was paramount.
The culture of the full female company and surrounding herself with likeminded women was the drawcard for Peggys next chapter.

To work with women of equal success and similar professionalism was the keystone for elevating her career.
Peggy and I were ships passing in the night, timelines never corresponding and have been competing for 15 years.
“ To think that such great competitors could come together and create something magical is about timing. It was never about if, it was about when …… “

Clarinda Campbell – Buyer Management Team

Clarinda’s wealth of knowledge and five-star professionalism comes from over 20 years of experience in sales, media and advertising.

She brings energy, passion and determined work ethic to the team at My Agent.

Clarinda is Kate Quinlivan’s buyer specialist who keeps her finger on the pulse with matching buyers to our listings. Her sales experience and hard working nature make her an asset to the team and point of difference when choosing an Agent.

Quickly establishing herself as a hard-working and dedicated part of the buyer management team, Clarinda has made it her focus to provide a first-class level of service, instilling complete confidence in clients from start to finish.

Clarinda has been passionate about property since buying her first home at the age of 18, renovating several homes of her own over the years.

Her ability to understand client’s needs and help them see the bigger picture is just part of what makes her so good at finding the right home for the right buyer.

Olivia Clarke – Property Management

Olivia joined us in 2022 after saying farewell to a 12-year career in the animal industry. Naturally, we saw this as the perfect segway into the world of real estate as you must work in ever-changing situations, clean up mess & try not to get mauled! Plus, she has some great animal stories & is always happy to share them.


Since the start, Olivia has & continues to build great relationships with current & new clients, having now established herself as approachable, systemized & a great communicator. She values the connections between landlord and tenant alike, working to create a mutually beneficial correlation for both. Olivia is honest, straight to the point & consistent in her approach to Property Management.


Olivia now heads the department, is the go-to girl for all things rentals & growing our portfolio. She is supported by Sarah McQueen & the two create the perfect team to look after all our landlords & tenants. With an eye for detail, you can ensure your valuable investment is well cared for under their care.

Sarah McQueen - Property Management

Sarah is a born and bred Bay girl and comes from a well-recognized local family. Her deep roots in the community have given her a strong understanding of the area and its people. Her career started in hospitality and has been the friendly face behind the coffee machine at Batehaven Bakehouse, but a nagging interest in real estate was in her vision.


Sarah is interested in all things real estate, reception was the perfect place to begin her real estate career.

Sarah’s experience in the service industry has given her excellent communication and customer service skills, which she now applies in her role as a property manager at My Agent Team.

Sarah has a warm and friendly demeanor, positive attitude and eagerness to learn and further her career.


Whilst training and studying for her registration she knew that Property Management was her passion.

Sarah now works alongside Olivia Clarke in the Property Management team

Lenore Williams – Personal Assistant

Lenore Williams is a well known local identity, with a career behind the scenes in local law firms. Working for Delves and Wain and Button Hawdon and McMahon as a legal secretary for over a decade.

Lenore certainly has an eye for detail and great knowledge of conveyancing matters. Taking time out to run a busy local smash repair business with her husband, she was soon the “behind the scenes” in every aspect of being a business owner.

The next step, after selling the company and travelling for a year was to be back in the fold of an office environment. Lenore wanted to find a role that she could thrive in and was attracted to the vibe of working in a full female office. Her expertise and laser focus along side Megan Goucher will be a match made in heaven. Lenore has made “My Agent Team” her new home.

Shea-Lee Stanton – Personal Assistant

Shea-Lee started with the company in January 2021.
Tenacious and full of commitment she commenced her real estate license knowing she wanted to work for My Agent Team.
This one eyed vision was to see paths cross, doors open and a seat in our office became Shea’s. A mum. A busy wife. A juggler.

Shea-Lee is a nurturer. Someone that is a people pleaser with a dogged approach to systems and likes to be in control.
By taking on the position as personal assistant to Christine Ewin, she committed to learning the ropes hard and fast.
After 2 years of training and becoming adept in all areas of the business Kate Quinlivan’s Team asked for her to join them.

Sitting along side Kate and Clarinda, these three are a force to be reckoned with in skill and professionalism.

Gemma Green – Personal Assistant

Gemma Green is an essential member of the My Agent Team as Office Manager and Personal Assistant to the Managing Director. With 12 months of experience as the receptionist, Gemma gained an excellent understanding of the real estate industry, making it a natural evolution for her to move into her new role.

Prior to joining the team, Gemma worked as a certified tourism officer at the Visitor Centre, giving her great local knowledge and outstanding customer service skills. Whether it’s providing directions, recommendations on places to eat, or things to see, Gemma is an old hand and always willing to help.

As an extremely capable administrative assistant, she is the go-to person for all things, ensuring that the My Agent experience is memorable for all the right reasons. Gemma’s attention to detail, organizational skills, and dedication to delivering exceptional service make her an invaluable asset to the team.

Samantha Zahra – Personal Assistant

Sam’s career in real estate began in 2011 as Peggy McAlister’s personal assistant. Their strong bond has been the driving force behind Peggy’s successful career as a leading sales agent in the Batemans Bay region.

With her exceptional administrative and communication skills, Sam is the backbone of Team Peggy McAlister, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure Peggy’s clients receive seamless first-class service and achieve their desired results.

In addition to her role as a personal assistant, Sam is also a licensed agent with extensive knowledge of all aspects of the sales process, from marketing to liaising with legal and financial professionals until settlement.

By supporting Peggy, Sam enables her to focus on showing homes and negotiating sales for her clients, ultimately helping them to achieve their property dreams.

Julie Quinlivan – Receptionist

A well-known local face in the community.

Julie had her own company up until a couple of years ago and part time work suits her semi-retirement.

The idea to harness her organisational skills and flexibility made her the ideal administrative assistant to the team.

She is reliable and brings a wealth of knowledge to the girls in how to make sure all the boxes are ticked.

Julie loves to man the office on Saturday, making sure the crew run to schedule on open homes and auction days.

She is available for all enquiry and will connect you to any of the team that are out in the field that day.

Always up for a giggle, she is a breath of fresh air when entering our office.

Easy to chat with and will steer you in the right direction to find the answers you need.